LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4) – Police in Longmont are looking for the person who provided the liquor after a 16-year-old who was found extremely drunk in the back of a limo last week.

The teen’s blood alcohol was .40, which is five times the legal limit for driving.

The Limousine company, “The Longest Limos,” does not have a liquor license and they only serve water to riders, but somehow the teens got their hands on booze.

A group of 33 teens were inside the vehicle for a birthday party for a 14-year-old girl. Somehow they got access to several types of alcohol, including vodka and beer.

“There were multiple types of alcohol in there,” said one of the party-goers.

The party came to an end at a house in Longmont with the 16-year-old left inside the limo in very bad shape.

“I do not know this girl and her eyes rolled back in her head and I looked at the driver and I said, ‘You need to take her around the corner to the hospital immediately,” said a witness.

Because of the partition, the limo driver says he didn’t know there was alcohol in the back with the teens until he checked at the end of the trip.

“I noticed there was one young lady that was passed out, incoherent, throwing up, eyes rolling in the back of her head; and as soon as I got up in there I realized it wasn’t good and so I called 911,” said driver Ron Allen.

Police are determined to find out who provided the alcohol to the teens.

“The person that provided the alcohol committed the most serious crime and it is a felony,” said Jeff Satur from the Longmont Police Department.

The 16-year-old was released from the hospital after a day. There was plenty of alcohol in her system, but there were no illegal drugs.


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