DENVER (CBS4)– The Green Car Parade drove through downtown Denver on Sunday to highlight the latest technology in alternative fuel vehicles.

The ecofriendly vehicles made their way from the state Capitol to the Colorado Convention Center in advance of this week’s Denver Auto Show.

“This is the new Chevy Silverado,” said Colorado Automobile Dealers Association President Tim Jackson.

The Chevy Silverado that uses alternative fuel (credit: CBS)

The Chevy Silverado that uses alternative fuel (credit: CBS)

To the average driver, the Chevy Silverado looks pretty much the same as any other truck of its kind on the road. What makes this truck different is what’s inside.

“It’s what is called a duel fuel or bi-fuel,” said Jackson.

With the push of a button Jackson said the truck instantly becomes more eco-friendly by switching to natural gas.

It’s just one of the dozens of vehicles making up this year’s Green Car Parade.

“Natural gas is cleaner, more affordable and domestically abundant,” said America’s Natural Gas Alliance spokesman Dan Genovese.

He said while some cars continue the hybrid trend others run solely on CNG or compressed natural gas. CNG has 30 percent lower fuel costs and reduces smog pollutants by 70 percent.

“The regular consumer won’t notice any difference from gas and natural gas,” said Genovese.

There are solely electric and electric hybrid cars also featured in the parade. While the technology is here, infrastructure may need to catch up.

CNG and electric charging stations are not on every corner but car dealers believe it’s just a matter of time.

“There are now 15 locations across Denver that handle compressed natural gas in the metro area,” said Jackson.

While traditional gas prices rise and fall, the demand for alternative fuels is a growing market that many believe holds the key to future travel.

Visitors to the Denver Auto Show can find 550 cars and see all the latest alternative fuel technology at the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver starting Wednesday and continuing through Sunday, April 13. Adults are $10, children ages 6-12 are $5 and children under 6 are free.

LINK: Denver Auto Show


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