DENVER (CBS4) – The Colorado Symphony composed a new song for when the Rockies took to the field for their home opener on Friday.

There wasn’t much time to go from an idea to a full 80 piece symphony recording.

“In this case we had to have everything finished in a month,” said composer Charles Denler.

Denler is an Emmy winning composer and his mission was a new song for when the Rockies take to the field.

“I’m a massive Rockies fan,” said Denler.

However this fan wrote the tune with more than just the players in mind.

“I knew I wasn’t just writing it for the baseball team. I was writing it for the fans who really own this team in a sense,” said Denler

He was inspired by the thought of what it’s like for the players when they first head onto the field in the morning.

“What would it be like taking the field in the morning when the dew is on the grass, and it’s sort of cool and its a gentle Colorado morning, what does that feel like,” said Denler.

Denler’s composition starts tame but quickly adds intensity

“There is incredible anticipation and that’s what I wanted people to feel,” he said.

He also wanted players and fans to be inspired.

“When people hear the music I’m hoping they walk away with a sense of ‘I can accomplish anything, I can overcome anything, I can overcome the odds,’” said Denler.

During the pregame 20 members of the symphony were on the filed playing the new song as the players took to the field.


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