BROOMFIELD, Colo. (CBS4) – Police are trying to find the thieves who broke into a home last week and tied up the homeowner after she caught them in the act of robbing her.

Authorities believe the two male suspects have broken into several homes during the middle of the day.

It is believed the men might have been inside a white or grey car the day they smashed the glass door to a Broomfield home to burglarize it.

Police said that while they were inside the homeowner came home with her children.

They then tied her up and all three were put inside an upstairs closet.

The woman helped investigators with great descriptions and police were able to put out sketches on Monday.

“A picture is a thousand words, so it’s great to be able to visualize and then be able to have the public look at those pictures that have been put together,” said Jolene Reefe from Broomfield Police.

Police believe the men could be responsible for several other burglaries on the same street in the same neighborhood.

Until the men are found they want neighbors to look out for each other.

“Be diligent in reporting suspicious activity and sharing the info with your neighbors,” said Reefe.

Police are asking anyone who might have information on the suspects to please contact them.

Additional Resources

Broomfield police released the following details about this case:

Broomfield Police Department is requesting your assistance. If you have seen either of these men or vehicle shown call Detective Dale Hammell at 303-464-5733.


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