DENVER (CBS4) – A proposed Denver city ordinance would allow recreational gardeners to sell their produce and even home baked goods in their yards.

“I think families who want to earn a little will get the most out of it. Seeds are pretty cheap and if you throw them in the ground and are able to get some vegetables, I think neighborhoods will benefit. People talking to each other is really good,” said Councilwoman Robin Kniech.

Kniech says it will also be good for neighborhoods that don’t have easy access to markets with fresh produce.

“I think the more we can get foods from our backyard to our pantry, so much the better,” said a Denver resident.

The state health department says selling whole produce, jams or baked goods that don’t need refrigeration all falls within set guidelines.

Urban gardens have been popular in Denver for those who have limited space.

“I think it’s a lot healthier just because you don’t have all those chemicals and side effects of all of those things,” said a Denver gardener.

The zoning change if passed wouldn’t take effect until June.


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