LYONS, Colo. (CBS4) – Six months after the floods, thieves and vandals are targeting homes in Lyons so damaged the owners can’t return.

Lyons residents say this is becoming a trend in the flood zone.

Dozens of homes are still abandoned but the homeowners are being victimized.

Resident John Casey’s home sits in the middle of a riverbed ripped off its foundation and condemned, but it’s still valuable to vandals and thieves.

“They broke it from throwing stuff from the inside, outside,” said Casey.

For three weeks people have raided the property breaking windows, kicking in walls and even looting, stealing copper and other materials with street value.

“For us, anything taken is just another little bit of money out of our pockets or out of our neighbor’s pockets,” said Casey.

It’s too difficult to seal off the home and like so many flood victims, Casey can’t touch the house until after a new round of Federal Emergency Management Agency assessments.

“I want the house gone because I don’t want it going down river to damage our neighbors and friends down river. The issue is, with the FEMA buy back I can’t touch the house for a year and a half,” said Casey.

With the flood’s intense damage done to the land, many likely won’t move back.

Casey is asking for help until they can all move on.

“For the community, the people here are elderly. They lost a lot, they’re concerned about the flood waters coming down and now to think that people are actually entering homes and taking stuff. That could be frightening for everybody,” said Casey.

Neighbors said they weren’t guaranteed a robust response from law enforcement.

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office could not be reached for comment on the issue.


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