LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS4) – Parents are concerned after plans for a new school were put on hold in the Thompson School District.

An empty plot of land where the proposed new school would be built sits at Boyd Lake while angry parents argue for its future.

“The season is now, we need the school now,” said one parent.

A group of nearly 100 concerned parents and neighbors gathered at a special Thompson School District meeting on Saturday.

The gathering was just days before another school board meeting that will determine whether a new school will be built by August 2015 on that tract of land.

“I bought my home in 2006 with the anticipation of a new school. I’ve been there eight years and there’s still no school,” said parent Amie Toerge.

The new school project, years in the making, hit a major bump in the road last month.

At a meeting in February the majority of a new school board voted to stall the project for six months.

School board member Carl Lagner was one of the board members who voted for more time.

“I had some concerns about the building being green for the sake of bring green, meaning they would put some unnecessary frills on the building,” said Lagner.

Parents and even other school board members said that up until now, communication about reasons for stalling the project was poor.

“They said they had some questions,” said school board member Denise Montagu.

Now parents are making their opinions heard.

“Take this off the table, approve the design phase, let’s have the school built now,” said a parent.

School board members say it will take about six months to review the plan while parents say the deal may fall apart by then.


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