DENVER (CBS4) – A mother described to CBS4 how a carjacker was able to pry her from her minivan and why she’s thankful not all of her children were with her.

The woman, who didn’t want her name to be released for safety, was driving her 12-year-old daughter to school when she said someone hit her SUV. She painted a very vivid picture of how she was pulled from the vehicle.

The woman was buckled in and driving with her daughter when, in a split second, she came face-to-face with what she said was a scary man.

“I’m thinking he might crush car and I’m thinking he’s angry,” the woman said. “I don’t know why, what’s happened?”

Ryan Stone (credit: Douglas County Sheriff's Office)

Ryan Stone (credit: Douglas County Sheriff’s Office)

She was still visibly shaken on Friday by her ordeal when accused kidnapping and carjacking suspect Ryan Stone, 28, forced her out of her SUV Wednesday morning.

“He (said) only, ‘Get out! Get out!,’ ” she said.

She said she didn’t hear sirens and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary until the other SUV collided with hers.

“He only (opened the) door and take my seatbelt off and my two legs he pull.”

She says she hit the ground hard, jarring her back and bumping her head. It all happened while her daughter ran from the passenger seat to help her mother.

To all the officers in all the jurisdictions who pursued the chase suspect, her sentiment needed no translation.

“Police coming and 911 helped me, so thank you, thank you so much.”

She said she was thankful that Wednesday was the rare day she didn’t have her other three children strapped in car seats in her back seat because the suspect most likely would have kept driving.

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