GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. (CBS4) – Police believe two suspects who robbed a Target in Greenwood Village disguised themselves as employees to get in and out of the store unnoticed.

On Feb. 6 two young men walked in to the store, located near Arapahoe Road and Interstate 25, shortly before closing time.

They were dressed in khaki pants and red shirts in an apparent attempt to look like Target employee.

They asked an employee to open up a case that contained expensive Beats headphones.

They then grabbed him by the neck until he passed out. That part of the crime was caught on surveillance video.

“They did use a chokehold and it looked like it was pretty sophisticated. It was easily done, by what I saw, and that’s what made it kind of interesting because the efficiency with which they did that kind of unnerved me,” said Greenwood Village Police Chief John Jackson.

The suspects took several sets of headphones and ran out of the store through an emergency exit to a waiting car.

Jackson said the theft seemed well thought out and well executed.

“It really took us to the point where we thought, boy this was not the first time they’ve ever done this,” said Jackson.

The employee that was choked wasn’t seriously hurt but Jackson said the suspects took the crime to another level.

“When you take someone to the ground and actually assault them or incapacitate them, you have gone well past what is just a simple theft,” said Jackson.

Police are asking anyone with information to please contact them.


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