DENVER (CBS4) – Fans desperate for Super Bowl tickets are in danger of getting scammed. CBS4 Investigator Rick Sallinger found one Broncos fan who thought she was on her way to New Jersey.

It’s not hard to tell Kelley Hogan is a Broncos fan. She has an autographed football, pictures, and a flight and hotel lined up for the Super Bowl, but when season ticket holders got notified they won the lottery, she and her mother were not among them.

“Disappointed and kind of mad because we had a high priority,” Hogan said.

“We’re the ones that support the team,” Hogan’s mother said. “We pay for their salaries, I think.”

So like so many others she went on Craigslist looking for tickets and found some in section 106, row 40, for a mere $800 each. She bit.

“I thought, ‘This is great. They are going to give me two tickets for $1,500,’ ” Hogan said. “She was moving to North Dakota for a job.”

The seller instructed her to go to a drug store with cash to buy Green Dot MoneyPaks to pay for the tickets.

“II would receive an email from eBay, and it was through their Buyer’s Protection Program, which would protect all of us. And so I thought, ‘That’s great,’ “ Hogan said.

An email did come claiming the transaction was approved for the $1,500, but when she tried to verify the invoice with eBay, she was told it was fake.

“I emailed them back and said, ‘I know you’re a fraud and I am not going to purchase these tickets.’ ”

Unless there’s another way, it looks like Hogan will be watching the game at home with the family dog.

She managed to discover the scam before mailing the money cards.


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