DENVER (CBS4) – There is a push by the government to protect kids by making child car seats safer.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants the seats to be tested not just from head on crashes but for side crashes as well.

The new test is the first of its kind and will put the seats on a sled to simulate the crash.

The NHTSA is looking to have the test results reflect the safety of the seats, not the specific vehicle.

Once the new standards are approved, child safety seat manufactures will have three years to meet the new requirements.

Parent Sarah Blout welcomes the new changes.

“You want to know every time you drive your kids to the grocery store or to school, that they are going to be safe. As a parent that’s your number one concern,” said Blout.

The NHTSA said that when implemented, the new rules will save five children’s lives and prevent 64 injuries a year.


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