CENTENNIAL, Colo. (CBS4) – An Arapahoe High School security guard that was put on leave after the shooting says that there were warning signs he claims the school ignored.

Security guard Cameron Rust believes he wasn’t asked to return when classes resumed at Arapahoe High earlier this month because of concerns he raised prior to the shooting.

In a lengthy letter posted to Facebook he said the Dec. 13 shooting that took one life didn’t have to happen.

Rust claims he and other security team members brought up concerns about the shooter, Karl Pierson’s, behavior long before the shooting.

He says they reported Pierson for looking up guns on a computer in the school cafeteria and for symbols he was drawing on math tests.

In the pages-long post Rust said the response from the school administration was something like “we will read about that kid in the news someday, it just won’t be at Arapahoe High School.”

Rust, who was at the school on the day of the shooting, said he was “immediately put on paid administrative leave, not allowed back into the school, and excluded from every healing event.”

He believes it’s the administration’s way of trying to sweep his ignored concerns under the rug after he said the school failed to act.

Rust hopes his message would help prompt change in schools everywhere.

Students who have responded to the post seem to have mixed feelings. Some worry his claims may only divide an already broken community.

Both the high school and Littleton Public Schools have not commented on the issue.

In a statement the Arapahoe County Sheriff said Rust was interviewed and they plan to interview him again.


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