DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver Broncos game on Sunday is officially sold out. There are still ways to get tickets, but going about it the wrong way could cost a fan more than money.

Ticket executives say it happens every game and ticket buyers should listen to the classic saying: “Buyer Beware.”

“When you’re paying that much you definitely want to make sure that it’s the real deal,” Broncos fan Chris Sattel said.

Sattel is a man on a mission.

“StubHub, been looking on Facebook for any friends, family that may have any tickets they can offer,” he said.

The number of legitimate ticket sellers is shrinking, and the illegitimate growing.

Kirk Dyer with Broncos Ticket Sales says they see it every game — counterfeit tickets, and scammed fans. He advises only buying tickets through the Broncos, Ticketmaster, or the NFL Ticket Exchange.

“Unfortunately you just won’t find that out until you get to the gate and possibly get turned away,” Dyer said.

Ticket brokers are also out there. Candy Lewis with A Lewis Tickets says she exclusively buys tickets from season pass holders.

“We know they are legitimate tickets because we have been in the business this long,” Lewis said.

She’s says a big warning this year is paper tickets that could be reprinted or just plain fool’s gold.

“We definitely don’t want to get ourselves into that situation,” Sattel said.

Sattel says he’s been scammed in the past.

“I had bought Rockies tickets that weren’t the real deal,” he said.

He says for this game, if he can’t find a safe affordable way to buy tickets he’s happy just watching the game at home, scam free.

“Front row seats, nice big screen.”

Broncos executives recommend selling last-minute tickets on the NFL Ticket Exchange where there are still tickets available.

LINK: NFL Ticket Exchange


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