Jessica Bacchus (credit: CBS)

Jessica Bacchus (credit: CBS)

DENVER (CBS4) – A mother of three has changed countless lives on Christmas morning and all through the year simply because she had a desire to build something beautiful for the daughter she lost too early.

At the Bacchus home it’s beginning to look like Christmas as the toys are coming out and the tree is just about ready to be decorated.

“I love the holidays. They are my favorite time of the year. My mother always had our house decorated and always made it such a joyful time. And those are the traditions I wanted to pass on to my children,” Jessica Bacchus said.

Family is everything to Bacchus. One look at her family photos shows that. She cherishes what she has, and what she’s lost — a daughter named Kenzie who passed away this time of year seven years ago.

“I was six months pregnant and she was stillborn. As a mother that changes who you are, changes your life, alters your hopes and dreams and it changes everything,” Bacchus said. “Kenzie changed me. She changed the course of my life. She changed our family.”

After months of grieving in darkness hope finally sparked in Bacchus. She decided she had to do something — one doll at a time.

From her pain, “Dolls for Daughters” was born. It’s a foundation that makes sure that on one day in December, every year, families in need can come together and get toys for their children to open Christmas morning.

“I’m a student, not employed. This year it’s been a little rough for us,” a mother said.

The need is great and the lines were long. People arrived early so they didn’t miss out. All they wanted is a toy — a chance to light up the eyes of their little ones — children who might have had to go without if not for Bacchus’ desire to pull from her pain and make it count.

“I realized that this is what I was meant to do. This was my purpose. To honor Kenzie and make a difference in our community,” Bacchus said.” I know she is there with me. I feel like she’s kind of there watching over and bringing joy … I feel eternally blessed. Because of her we are impacting so many children.”

Over 23,000 so far — and still counting.

Toys at "Dolls for Daughters" (credit: CBS)

Toys at “Dolls for Daughters” (credit: CBS)

“I believe that we all have something to give.”

To learn more about Dolls for Daughters visit

Bacchus isn’t satisfied with Dolls for Daughters. She wants to do more. She also has “Kenzie’s Kids,” which provides financial help to four families all year. It helps the children buy supplies, activities and food. In the next five to 10 years she hopes to build “Kenzie’s Home” where they can help even more families in need.