DENVER (CBS4) – Travel has already turned into a nightmare for parts of the country and at some of the biggest airports the backlogs will get worse as a major winter storm rolls across the country.

Weather across the country is certainly causing some problems at Denver International Airport. For many travelers, their delays have been lasting over two hours for flights to come to DIA.

Up to 39 departures were delayed and there were two cancellations on Monday. And for flights arriving to DIA there were nearly 50 delays and another cancellation.

The delays have been in Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas and Houston — right down the middle of the country.

With weather affecting many parts of the country travelers can expect weather in hub cities like Atlanta, Dallas and Chicago for American, United and Delta airlines to have a major ripple effect not just at DIA, but across the country.

The weather problems set up a nightmarish situation for all travelers into Wednesday, which is the day before Thanksgiving and the busiest travel day of the year.


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