Dawna Foxx (credit: Summit County Sheriff's Department)

Dawna Foxx (credit: Summit County Sheriff’s Department)

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. (CBS4) – The Breckenridge Festival of Film says it will recover even after losing more than $200,000, and the woman accused of stealing the money is behind bars.

Dawna Foxx, 67, is accused of taking the money from the nonprofit where she used to work. One person told CBS4 she was pretty sneaky and did a good job hiding money and covering her tracks.

Foxx’s husband is the person who turned her in to the police. After a lengthy investigation it was discovered more than $200,000 was embezzled.

“She was a well-known local and ingratiated herself with many of the people who ran the foundation, taking on more and more tasks, making herself more and more indispensable,” 5th Judicial District Attorney Bruce Brown said.

Over a five-year span Foxx is accused of taking $211,000 from the Breckenridge Festival of Film and another $26,000 between her husband and business partner.

Most of her transactions started out as small amounts.

“Some of the most glaring ones are purchases at the Isle of Capri Casino, Fitzgerald’s Casino, trips to Europe that in part while there were funded with small transactions,” Brown said.

When word spread, the board for the nonprofit disbanded. A completely new regime held another film festival just a few months ago.

“This past year’s festival really came off well. So I’d have to say we’re looking forward, on the mend, moving forward and building once again,” Breckenridge Festival of Film Board President Gary Martinez said.

“This is the warning for charity’s out there; you have to be real careful about whom you’re bringing in to account for your money, and you have to have rigorous oversight of the checkbook,” Brown said.

Foxx faces a total of 23 felony counts. Each carries the potential for 12 years in prison. She’ll have her first hearing next month.


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