DENVER (CBS4) – Shots were fired inside a flower shop in Denver on Thursday, and it’s possible hitmen who were after the wrong target were to blame.

CBS4 cameras caught Denver police arresting one of the suspects from a morning shooting on Thursday. That happened after the driver crashed his car into the porch of a house while running from police.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“We had an undercover officer in the area looking for this vehicle and actually spotted the vehicle,” Denver police spokesman John White said.

The suspects are 35-year-old Samuel Edelem and 33-year-old Daniel Gomez. They had just come from the Dardano’s Flowerland on Evans.

The men asked for their victim by name.

Witnesses say it was odd because the suspects appeared to be looking for someone purely by name instead of someone they knew.

“At least one of the suspects produced a weapon and fired a round in the direction of the victim,” White said.

No one was injured. Denver police would not discuss the suspects’ motive or relationship to their victim. Police say the shooting scene.

The flower shop is closed until next spring, and that fact is a consideration in their investigation.

Police said their investigation into the crime is ongoing.

Edelem and Gomez tentatively face charges of attempted murder and felony menacing.
Police Investigate Why Shots Were Fired Inside A Flower Shop


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