Kelly Myers shows CBS4's Suzanne McCarroll the tumbleweeds taking over her property (credit: CBS)

Kelly Myers shows CBS4’s Suzanne McCarroll the tumbleweeds taking over her property (credit: CBS)

RUSH, Colo. (CBS4) – An invasion of tumbleweeds in some areas of the Eastern Plains could cause problems with snow in the forecast for the coming days.

Wet and snowy tumbleweeds are hard to move and dry tumbleweeds pose a fire hazard.

Kelly Myers lives near the town of Rush on the Eastern Plains that has been taken over by tumbleweeds. Myers’ house is buried underneath stacks of straw.

“My goodness, that peak up there, that is 25 feet,” she said.

The tumbleweeds came after winds have blown nonstop for days.

“They just came in and just kept piling up and piling up and piling up,” Myers said.

She is one of many homeowners near Rush and Yoder trying to clear and clean the bundles of branches blocking their roads, driveways, walkways and windows.

“In all of these tumble weeds, too, is a lot of dirt.”

They are getting pitchforks to try to clear out workable paths. Backyards are hidden, telephone wires are covered and even the dogs cannot get in their doghouses.

“We will probably have to mow them down or grind them up. It’s probably the only thing we can do,” Myers said.

Residents are trying to use their snowplows, mowers and brooms to clear it out before any storm makes them hard as concrete.


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