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DENVER (CBS4) – A different type of business plan is putting employees at Cherry Creek Insurance Group on the top.

“Our most valuable asset is our employees,” said Scott Kennedy, President and COO of Cherry Creek Insurance Group.

That’s the motto at the business, according to Kennedy.

“Our management team believes in an upside down model,” he said.

He said they don’t get hung up on org charts.

“We call it servant leadership. So when we show up in the morning, literally I make coffee and I look around for what obstacles can I move so our team can do their job better.”

That’s why he believes employees of the Cherry Creek Insurance Group don’t leave the company very often.

“We literally call it the upside down pyramid; were at the bottom and the employees are (on top).”

As for leading the way in the business community, Kennedy says that’s about the relationships built in the community.

“It’s not about the accolades we get from doing something together; it’s about the bonding that our team does. Upper management is right there alongside of the them serving soup at the Denver Rescue Mission, climbing a mountain, riding a bike. We do these things together.”

Kennedy says leading the way doesn’t just stop at work. The same principals have helped him demonstrate the importance of community with his family — his wife and two sons — and even while he’s racing on his sailboat.

“It becomes ingrained; it becomes part of your DNA. We’re just not here to take care of ourselves.”


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