CENTENNIAL, Colo (CBS4) – Angela Cody is an Air Force veteran who now spends her time teaching others how to become more orderly through her business “Major Mom.”

“I was the launch control officer for intercontinental ballistic missiles,” said Cody, who worked with nuclear warheads.

“But something happened, I became a mom. I told my husband I am resigning my commission in the U.S. Air Force and I am going to be a stay-at-home mom,” Cody said.

However, when the recession hit Cody needed to help provide for her family, and that’s when she decided to start her own company. “Major Mom” is a team of professional organizers who help people get their life in order.

Clad in camouflage, her group of “liberators” tore through Centennial resident Pamela Meyer’s garage helping to sort out the grandmother’s things that have piled up over time.

“It kind of looks hopeless after a while; one more thing in the garage isn’t a big deal,” said Meyer as she watched the group of organizers work.

Cody says that her military background gives her an edge in her business.

“I’ll kind of bring out the major and say, ‘Okay, we can’t continue living in this clutter,’ ” Cody said.

The mother of two and her team show up on their clients’ doorsteps ready to serve them with no judgment and teach them how to organize.

Angela Cody with her son Nathan (credit: Angela Cody)

Angela Cody with her son Nathan (credit: Angela Cody)

“They are extremely good at what they do,” said Meyer.

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