DENVER (CBS4) – A ballot issue getting national attention is a proposal by 11 counties to secede from Colorado and form a new state. The question on the ballot asks if those county commissioners should make a case to the state Legislature for secession.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Weld County commissioners drafted the secession plan after they say state lawmakers voted against interests in those counties. They specifically cite new gun control laws.

Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway says the counties have plenty of agriculture and natural gas resources. He contends a Northern Colorado state could deal with a disaster like the September floods.

“Our county, because we had a $100 million contingency plan, repaired the roads quicker, got our farmers to get their product to market,” Conway said. “Had we waited for the state of the federal government we would have lost our crop here.”

The vote is largely symbolic. The state Legislature would have to change the state constitution and then ask the U.S. Congress to approve the new state. That requires a majority vote in both the House and Senate.

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