DENVER (CBS4) – CBS4 has partnered with Volunteers of America for the 4th annual “Wine, Women and Football” event Tuesday night.

The event allows women to enjoy some good wine, food and friends while mingling and talking football with some of their favorite Denver Broncos players.

What’s so great about the night isn’t just the up-close and personal meetings with players, but where the money for the event goes — to a shelter for women and children.

“I’m doing better than I’ve done in a really long time,” Jamie Keeney said.

It’s been a difficult road that led Keeney to the Brandon Center, a shelter for women.

“That’s what matters; there’s a roof over our head and we’re together and my kids love it,” she said.

Keeney has three children and another on the way.

“It was scary, you know, it was humbling,” she said. “But God really provided, opened doors, and it just needed to happen.”

Things had to change. Keeney’s husband is an alcoholic and had turned abusive.

“He would do things that he wouldn’t even remember the next morning, and I knew that he wouldn’t remember it the next morning. It was completely unprovoked,” she said. “You cannot stay because it just doesn’t change, you can’t fix it. They have to want to fix it. They have to make those choices by themselves. It has to be their choice.”

Her husband went to jail and has since gotten sober, but their home is gone and all that went with it. Keeney needed help and found it within the walls of the Brandon Center.

“I have a lot of short-term goals and a lot of long-term goals,” she said. “I want my children and I to have a Christmas tree in our own place again and have some stability.”

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