ARVADA, Colo. (CBS4) – The government shutdown is causing problems all across the country, even in the Grand Canyon where the problems in Washington may leave one Arvada kayaker high and dry.

Riding the whitewater in the Grand Canyon is a river runner’s delight, and more.

“It’s truly one of the seven natural wonders of the world,” kayaker Glenn Benjamin said.

He’s done it before and he’s planning on doing it again, but if Benjamin of Arvada is caught doing it right now he’ll be arrested for trespassing on federal land.

“They’re putting up cement barricades and being very stern about not allowing access,” Benjamin said.

Benjamin is part of a group of 30 friends and strangers joined by a love for the water who’ve planned a trip down the canyon for Oct. 29, but as of now it may be canceled — and the blame goes to Congress.

“Their lack of leadership is so deplorable,” he said.

The partial government shutdown has left kayakers and river rafters high and dry, waiting and wondering when they’ll be allowed to get onto the Colorado River.

“This is a 3-week trip, taking three weeks off from work is not an easy deal for many of us.”

But for those who worked hard to get away from work, the possible disappointment has tempers flaring.

“Some of the folks are feeling rather radical. It’s like, ‘We should just go there and camp out and make a scene.’ Others are gravely disappointed.”

With some 3 weeks to go for his trip, and more than $1,000 invested in the journey of a lifetime, Benjamin has a message to Congress.

“Work for the people, this is not serving the public in any way, shape or form.”



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