DENVER (CBS4) – A well-known attorney and one of the leaders of the marijuana movement has been arrested for allegedly lighting up at a Rockies game.

Wednesday night was a historic night at Coors Field. It was the last Rockies home game of the season and the last home game of Todd Helton’s career. And busted for smoking pot that night was one of the state’s prominent marijuana attorneys — Rob Corry.

Corry handed out free joints in Denver’s Civic Center Park earlier in September in protest of a proposed tax on marijuana. He’s been high profile on the pot issue.

According to the police report, Corry was smoking pot between the concourse and gate at Coors Field. When police asked Corry to hand over the marijuana cigarette he refused, telling the officer, “No, I don’t have to, its legal.”

Police say Corry was “acting erratic … not cooperating … and continued to curse, swear and debate what was taking place.” He told one officer, “You’re a stupid cop, you are going to make this easy for me, you can’t search me, it’s a citation only.”

It was almost a sold out crowd at Coors Field Wednesday night filled with baseball fans and lots of families.

In the report Corry told the officer, “I bet I am a big trophy for you.” The officer said he didn’t know him, and when Corry told him he was a marijuana attorney the officer said, “You definitely knew that you were breaking the law.” Corry stated, “Yeah.”

Corry was arrested on suspicion of public consumption of marijuana and disobedience to a lawful order. He left Coors Field on his own and was told not to return to the game or Coors Field property.

There was a woman also cited with Corry for smoking pot. She told police she was sitting next to Corry at the game, the two started talking pot and he offered to share a joint. She was from Salt Lake City and told police, “I took a puff and passed it. After all, I was in Colorado.”

Corry did not return phone calls from CBS4 requesting an interview.


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