DENVER (CBS4) – As America ages, so has the world of dating as the business of online match-making is booming.

It’s the question so many baby boomer women struggle with — How do you get back into the dating game when you’ve been out of it for way too long?

Research has found women who are over 50 are one of the fastest growing segments among online dating sites. However, if online dating isn’t your thing, try meeting someone through professional contacts.

But before you go on that first date, here are some things to keep in mind:

– Center yourself and get clear on what you want. These are your deal breakers and must haves. Things you won’t compromise on.
– Communicate with clarity and grace. Say what you want and mean it. Afterall, it’s about teaching people how to treat us.
– Create space. Don’t crowd. Give the person you’re dating a chance to call you.
– Enjoy the experience, but don’t expect the moon.
– Trust but verify — trust that people do the best they can, but what’s one woman’s best is another woman’s great. It’s defined differently for all of us.


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