ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4)– Police in Englewood are investigating three armed robberies in just two days. Detectives believe they’re connected.

In each case the robber walked into a business wearing a black bandana over his face and pointed a gun at the clerk.

He then took all the cash and ran away.

Surveillance video at a liquor store shows the robber in the act. He walked into the store, pointed a gun at the clerk, grabbed the cash from the register and cigarettes, then ran out of the store.

The owner of that liquor store said the man stole $1,700.

Police believe it is the same man who has robbed a Sinclair gas station on Hampden and two liquor stores on South Broadway in Englewood.

“I work in a business, a retail business, would hate to have that happen to me,” said Magnet Inn Bar owner Jim Gressman.

Gressman’s bar is located next to M & D Liquors which was targeted in one robbery. He said that time the thief got away with $300.

“Guess you don’t have to be a genius to be a criminal, I guess,” said Gressman. “Easier to get a job for $300.”

He said businesses along South Broadway are talking about the robberies. They are trying to stay vigilant and form a united front.

Gressman said there is also only one option if the thief walks into a business and that is to stay safe, “I would give them everything they want, make them a sandwich, whatever they want. Buy them a beer.”

Police in Englewood are also reaching out to other police departments across the Denver metro area for similar crimes so they can combine efforts to catch the robber.

Police are searching for the suspect.


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