DENVER (CBS4) – CBS4’s Tom Helmer heard somewhere that Broncos running backs Ronnie Hillman, Knoshown Moreno and Montee Ball played a game of “rock-paper-scissors” to see who would get the ball at the goal line against the Oakland Raiders Monday night to put the Broncos up 37-14.

On Tuesday, Hillman confirmed it.

“We were just having a little fun on the sideline to try to be all loose out there, but yeah, we did, and luckily I won,” Hillman said. “I went with rock; you’ve got to go with rock. You never know when somebody’s going to go with scissors.”

Was he telling the truth or just joking around? Head coach John Fox said the choice of running backs has nothing to do with rocks, paper or scissors.

“That’s just a little stuff that people that like to, you know, get on TV and have something to talk about,” Fox said. “I mean Ronnie Hillman was going back in the game. It had nothing to do with that. That was just a little way to have fun I guess. That wasn’t official, Ronnie was running the ball. We decide that, not them.”


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