LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4) – In the midst of all the destruction a homecoming football game was a welcome sign of at least some normalcy after the Lyons Lions beat Clear Creek High School on Saturday.

The Lyons football team luckily didn’t lose equipment, but they did lose home field. They had play in Longmont in front of a much bigger setting for a crowd that could really use an emotional boost.

With only 20 players and no equipment they looked like a group of normal kids after school during practice on Friday. But the team from Lyons prepared to represent a town they can’t even return to. Coach Brandon Wilkes has kept the group together.

“Every day that we’ve done something it’s kind of I’m holding my breath to see who is going to be there and who is not,” Wilkes said.

Nearly half the team is out of their homes. Junior linebacker Hector Rodriguez has family whose home was destroyed in the flood.

“You just got to be grateful that as people we’re still alright,” Rodriguez said. “All that stuff like material can be replaced and we just got to come together. “

“I’m looking at this wall of water facing this fire truck and a bunch of these other cars and I’m like, ‘Oh my God,’ “ another player said.

The disaster isn’t far from their minds. In the corner of Skyline High School Lyons players were refugees on a foreign field. They hoped Saturday’s game made life for Lyons residents feel more like normal.

“This week has honestly felt like three weeks in one. It’s been so long and it’s been hectic trying to get everybody a place and everybody together to go to practice. But I think it’s helped us come together as a team,” senior quarterback Logan Watson said.

The flood made the team miss their last game. Their coach said how they faced their next one was the most important whether they win or lose.

“I guarantee you guys remember a lot that happened in this past eight days. I believe in the end there will be a lot more good you remember than bad,” Wilkes told his team.

The team is expecting that the rest of their home games will be played on their own home turf.

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