DENVER (AP)– Flood insurance isn’t a standard part of homeowners insurance. It’s an extra provided through the National Flood Insurance Program.

— The annual premium for flood insurance in Colorado ranges from $129 in low-risk areas to $3,000 in high-risk areas, with an average of just over $650, according to Carole Walker of the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association.

— Flood victims who don’t have flood insurance can get help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, but it’s primarily aimed at getting them into temporary housing or making relatively simple repairs on their homes.

— Longer-term federal help is limited to low-interest loans in most cases, but people who can’t afford a loan might qualify for other grants, said FEMA spokesman Jerry DeFelice.

— Federal assistance usually doesn’t cover all of flood victims’ costs, so FEMA recommends that all homeowners at least consider flood insurance, DeFelice said.

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