BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – Police in Boulder are investigating a chain reaction crash that occurred late Tuesday afternoon. That crash left three people hurt.

Kim Kobel with Boulder police said six cars were involved in the accident at Arapahoe and Foothills Parkway.

According to Kobel, the driver of a black Chevy Tahoe was apparently suffering from a medical condition when the accident happened.

The driver of the Tahoe crashed into two cars stopped at a red light. That caused a chain reaction by pushing the vehicles into the intersection and three other cars.

“Everybody was stopped at the light so they were just basically sitting ducks at that intersection,” said Kobel.

Witnesses told police the Tahoe was wearing in and out of traffic- completely out of control.

“They reported this driver was driving aggressively, had been on and off the road and he actually sideswiped a car went off the road and then got back on the road,” said Kobel.

“I was sitting there and then got rear-ended… hard,” said driver Michael Silva. His car was one of those involved in the crash.

“He looked like he was drunk or on some kind of drugs. He was tweeking out really bad. They had to put him in handcuffs in the stretcher and take him away,” said Silva.

A female driver in a Jeep had to be extricated from her vehicle. A total of three people were transported to the hospital. Other people were evaluated on scene by medics.

Police continue to investigate what happened with the driver of the Tahoe.

“It appears now he may have been suffering from some kind of medical condition so he was taken to the hospital to be treated for that,” said Kobel.

It is still possible the driver will be charged. That driver has not been identified.


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