DENVER (CBS4) – All the streets around Civic Center Park will be closed during the Taste of Colorado this weekend. Part of what keeps all that traffic moving smoothly are barricades, and a Colorado company that hit its own financial barrier is now back on the streets keeping events like the Taste of Colorado rolling along.

Two months ago, Sean Lynn came into work like he always did.

“I actually got into the building, got on my computer, tried to log in and my account had seemed to be disabled,” Lynn said.

“The national company closed its doors abruptly on May 17 and about 65 local people lost their jobs that morning,” Tedd Ott with Colorado Barricade said.

Colorado Barricade had operated in Denver since 1970.

“It was really devastating. People had spent their entire careers at this company and, yeah, it was a real shock,” Ott said.

Not wanting to give up, Ott joined with other long-time employees. They found investors and bought the company out of bankruptcy and reopened within eight weeks of shutting down. They couldn’t have picked a better time.

“This weekend and next weekend are probably two of the biggest weekends of the year for us,” Ott said.

“It was kind of a tough two months there but we’re all back working and we’re all happy to be back here,” Lynn said.

With 30 employees already back on the job, Colorado Barricade started up once again.

“We were able to bring it back and re-start it as it should have been all along, which is a great local business,” Ott said.

LINK: Taste of Colorado


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