DENVER (CBS4)– When a storm hit Susan Harvey’s home she didn’t expect to see the top of her chimney fly off. She also didn’t expect to lose her homeowner’s insurance.

Harvey said she went straight to her insurance company, State Farm Insurance, as she had many times before.

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“We turn to the insurance company because our understanding is to turn to the insurance company,” said Harvey. “That’s what they are there for.”

State Farm paid the claim for Harvey’s damage but then did not renew her policy.

“We were flabbergasted and now the amount we have to pay yearly has tripled,” said Harvey.

This was Harvey’s third claim in two years totaling $5,600. However Harvey said she had been a State Farm Insurance client for nearly 20 years. She believes she’s paid about $30,000 in premiums over that time period.

“It’s a common misconception that somehow your insurance policy in anyway shape or form resembles a savings or bank account,” said Angela Thorpe of State Farm Insurance.

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Harvey says she didn’t realize frequency of claims could result in terminated homeowners insurance.

Thorpe says customer termination is a difficult decision.

“Understand we do this to remain competitive and provide insurance that’s affordable to all of our existing customers,” said Thorpe.

Harvey hopes her story will raise awareness for other homeowners, so they will think twice before making a claim.

State Farm says homeowners should touch base with their insurance agent yearly. But also, consider updating homeowners coverage based on specific needs.

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– Written for by Suzanne Spencer