DENVER (CBS4)– Prosecutors are calling the deadly shooting in the Garland Park area was justified but the victim’s family says they want homicide charges filed.

Charles McLaughlin was shot and killed by John Brown on July 7 after a series of events at Brown’s home near the intersection of Evans and Holly.

McLaughlin’s family said when they read the police report they believe the man who shot him should be held accountable.

The police report states that it all started with some banging outside on Brown’s truck parked on the street on South Glencoe that Sunday night.

When Brown and his girlfriend opened their front door, McLaughlin was there and apparently lunged at the couple, knocking out the screen door window.

The couple said he continued pushing on the front door but they were able to push back and get it shut and locked.

As Brown’s girlfriend called 911, Brown loaded his pistol.

According to the report, “The man was pounding on the front door” and “Before John Brown could get to the front door the pounding stopped.”

Brown told police he was concerned because the man was “approaching the window to the child’s room or approaching the back door.”

Brown opened his front door and stepped onto the porch where he could see McLaughlin sitting in his girlfriend’s daughter’s car. He told police he “called to the man and asked him to leave.”

McLaughlin got out of the car and approached the front door. He was shot twice in the chest while he was near the sidewalk.

Neighbors told police they heard Brown say several times, “I have a gun. I will shoot you.”

Police confirm that McLaughlin was drinking that night. He had beers and shots starting at 3:30 p.m. at four different places.

Brown also told police he was drinking that night, “four beers between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.” before going to sleep at 9 p.m.

McLaughlin’s family said he was passed out in his friend’s car that night which started out up the street and then rolled down and struck Brown’s truck. They believe the collision woke him and he didn’t know where he was.

McLaughlin did not have a weapon.


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