DENVER (CBS4)– Colorado Rockies’ star closer Rafael Betancourt is back on the disabled list thanks to his son noticing something was wrong.

Betancourt’s son noticed something wasn’t right when he went to work with his dad last week.

It seems his appendix was acting up but he didn’t want to say anything. That’s when his son stepped in.

“I got here Friday afternoon and I didn’t want to say anything about the pain I had the night before,” said Betancourt. “And then my son went to the training room and told them that I got sick the night before and they went and asked me, ‘We need to check you out’ and started touching me there and I was really sore. They thought it was my appendix and they took me to the doctor and they found it and said, ‘You need to have surgery tonight.'”

Betancourt has already missed 25 games this season with a groin injury. Now he’s back on the DL while he recovers from having his appendix removed.


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