Police Commander Disturbed By News Of Charges Against Officer

LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4) – Officers with the Littleton Police Department say they are disappointed and embarrassed to learn of the arrest of a 22 year veteran of the force on drug trafficking charges.

Jeffery Johnston is being held without bond at the Jefferson County Detention Center after making his first appearance in federal court on Monday.

Johnston was arrested after a federal investigation. Court records indicate he made a cellphone call to a confidential informant hoping to buy as many as 50 ecstasy pills.

On Friday at his home in Parker, authorities said the FBI controlled a delivery of 37 pills and several grams of ecstasy powder. Johnston allegedly turned over $1,300 in cash for the drugs.

Inside the home investigators also found what they believe is cocaine, steroids and hundreds of prescription pills.

“Our reaction is disappointment, embarrassment, anger, sadness, just a real surprise,” said Littleton Police Commander Trent Cooper. “Officer Johnston is not representative of the Littleton Police Department or police anywhere.”

Cooper said the allegations are tough to hear about a man he considered to be a model officer.

“You couldn’t say anything bad about the guy. He was reliable, solid, good work product, very professional, very presentable to the public, always did a great job.”

Johnston, who works in the traffic unit, will be the subject of an internal investigation. The department has placed him on unpaid leave.

“Officers are human and make those bad mistakes occasionally, and when they do we hold them accountable as we would any other citizen that made the same mistake,” Cooper said.

Johnston’s wife left the federal courthouse on Monday with an attorney and made no comment to reporters about the case.

Johnston’s next appearance in federal court is scheduled for Thursday.


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