DENVER (CBS4)– Some very needy puppies and dogs are getting a second chance after being rescued from crowded conditions at a home in Watkins last week.

Adoptions started Thursday afternoon at Dumb Friends League Quebec Street Shelter in Denver for some of the 118 Havanese dogs taken from that home on July 10.

The owner of the dogs, Richard Pilicer, last week told CBS4’s Suzanne McCarroll, “I am so ashamed. It was from love not cruelty that I have all these puppies.”

The dogs have been cleaned up, groomed and vaccinated. Some are still shy around new people but they’re all in good health and ready to find new homes.

Pixie is a three-year-old Havanese and Peggy is her prospective owner who traveled from Pueblo to meet her.

“When I saw her online I thought, ‘What a goofy dog. She’d fit in well in our household,'” said Peggy.

Last week each dog was covered with more than a pound of feces, mud and urine. They had to be shaved after being confiscated from Pilicer’s home.

One of the dogs rescued from a home in Watkins (credit: Dumb Friends League)

One of the dogs rescued from a home in Watkins (credit: Dumb Friends League)

Veterinarians who examined the dogs said they were not malnourished but very dirty and living in filthy conditions.

Next week the rest of the Havanese dogs being cared for at the Adams County Animal Control shelter will be available for placement.

Pilicer said he misses his dogs but is happy they’re all getting good homes.


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