LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4) – Remember when Eric Decker first showed up at Dove Valley back in 2010? He was a third round receiver pick out of the University of Minnesota. After three seasons with the Broncos there’s no denying that Decker is a legitimate football star. At the same time, he’s become something of a TV celebrity as well.

Last month Decker tied the knot with country music singer Jessica James. A cable TV channel thought the wedding was such a big deal they filmed it for an upcoming reality series.

With cameras swarming around all the time it would figure to be a disaster waiting to happen, but not so much. Apparently it’s better than doing interviews with the likes of CBS4’s Vic Lombardi.

“(It’s) not as intrusive; this feels more intrusive,” Decker joked with reporters during a past interview. “You guys are like right in my face.”

Reality TV star and NFL football star — and just this week there was more proof that star is still rising. For two days Decker and his buddy Demaryius Thomas ran a football camp in Littleton and more than 200 kids showed up.

“It’s pretty neat, it’s humbling too from my side, just coming out here, having the interaction with the kids is what it’s all about; getting involved and running some drills, throwing some balls; anything you can do just to put a smile on a kids face is what it’s all about,” Decker said.

For the little campers Decker is more like a rock star. They know his stats like the back of a baseball card.

“The biggest thing is just to give them a high five, shake their hand, ask how they’re doing; that’s why they’re here,” Decker said. “A lot of times it’s about having fun.”

The kids came loaded with questions and brought some messages from their parents as well.

“A couple kids were telling me that Mom says ‘hi,’ ” Decker said.

Decker is a rock star with some of the moms too.


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