WHITE HOUSE (CBS4)– One young aspiring chef from Colorado made quite an impression on First Lady Michelle Obama when he attended the “Kids’ State Dinner” at the White House on Tuesday.

Nicholas Hornbostel was one of those invited to show off his healthy recipe at the event that promotes healthy eating. He also took a tour of the White House garden where chefs grow much of their own vegetables.

Children ages 8 through 12 created recipes using all of the food groups. The only exception was that fruits and vegetables had to make up half the meal.

Nicholas, 8, from Edwards represented Colorado with his salmon sushi salad with salmon, brown rice, sesame seeds and a dressing made of canola oil, soy sauce and seaweed. But it was his to-do list that really caught the First Lady’s eye.

“As 8-year-old Nicholas Hornbostel from Colorado said, this is a quote, “I really want to be a cook and an engineer and be president, too,” said Obama.

Nicholas said he decided to invent a salad that combined the ingredients of sushi with those of a salad.

“My mom wanted to eat a salad that day. I was thinking about at the same time and I wanted to eat sushi. She told me about the recipe so I combined it together and we ended up having it that night,” said Nicholas. “I made it up.”


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