LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS4)– A neighborhood in Loveland is fixated on a bear that’s perched in a tree.

The bear is high in a 100-foot high Cottonwood tree at 50th and Taft in Loveland. The bear is believed to be about one year old.

A crowd of about 200 people started to form early Friday morning to watch the bear.

“It’s amazing and once in a lifetime chance to see it,” said one bear watcher.

Police in Loveland are watching the bear and keeping people back so as not to aggravate him. Officers cordoned off the area to keep crowds from getting so close.

Officers said they won’t bring down the bear unless he becomes aggressive. He spent several hours pacing back and forth in the tree.

“He’s not causing any problems. Our plan is just to leave him up there until hopefully he just snoozes it off and he’ll come down when it is dark,” said Colorado Parks and Wildlife officer Clayton Brossart.

They’re hoping he will get comfortable enough to come down on his own. Officers don’t want to tranquilize the bear because it can put a lot of unnecessary stress on the animal.

“If he comes down I am not worried about him being aggressive. He will be scared and take off like a bullet,” said Brossart.


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