FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4)– The 4th of July is always a busy day ojn the water for boaters and those trying to cool off from the summer heat. This year law enforcement have a warning: boating and drinking don’t mix.

The crackdown on intoxicated boaters comes just four days after a 22-year-old man was critically hurt in an accident on Horsetooth Reservoir in Larimer County.

Police believe the reason drinking and boating is such a common occurrence is that people who have boats invite their non-boating friends who aren’t familiar with the safety regulations.

For some experienced boaters running across rookies is a common hazard.

“They just think that they’re out here having fun and they’re not paying attention,” said one boater.

“Boats are foreign to a lot of people so really just get to know your boating laws,” said another.

Experts believe it’s important to know the direction of travel, speed limits and ski and swim areas are just as important as finding a designated driver.

“It’s not like I-25 where you have northbound and southbound lanes. People are coming from all directions and having that awareness around you where all the boats are, just knowing where everyone is helps a lot,” said Horsetooth District Mgr. Mark Caughlan.

The limits for drinking and driving are the same for boating: .10.


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