DENVER (CBS4) – University of Denver sophomore Quentin Shore is hoping to hear his name called in next Sunday’s NHL draft. He was passed over last year, but after a solid freshman campaign at DU, Quentin believes he has a much better chance this year.

If Quentin is selected it would continue a family tradition that may not end next Sunday.

The Shore last name is a common one at DU. Since 2009 there’s been at least one Shore — sometimes two — on the Pioneers roster. Drew and Nick Shore have both used their time in the crimson and gold to catch the eye of NHL scouts. Now it’s Quentin’s turn.

“I had a pretty good freshman year this year, having 10 goals … so I think I kind of showed teams that I’m able to play at a higher level and hopefully they see that,” Quentin said. “I’m pretty excited. Coming in it was a little bit of a disappointment last year not getting drafted. So I just have some good thoughts about this year and hopefully I can make it happen this year.”

If it does happen it would further cement the Shore brothers as Colorado’s first hockey family. It’s a title they call humbling, but one their youth coach, Angelo Ricci, says is well deserved.

“They’re just really hard workers and I think people can use them. There are people that say, ‘That’s the Shore boys, they’re getting there.’ But they put in a lot of work in the offseason, and even during the season with their skill work, they’re always training,” Ricci said. “I think that’s what separates them from a lot players, is just that drive to keep getting better … they’ve always been good players … now (Drew and Nick) are at the highest level they can be, which is a great accomplishment.”

Besides the hard work, it doesn’t hurt when the older brothers have success and pave the way for the younger ones.

“I think it’s a huge part of our success. I mean especially in the summers, we’re skating with each other three or four times a week; so just kind of playing with good players, better players is just always better,” Quentin said.

So Drew paved the way for Nick. Then Nick set the example for Quentin. But it doesn’t stop there. Baker, 13, is the youngest of the Shore brothers. He says he likes to play lacrosse and football — but of course he’s following in the footsteps of his three older brothers.

“It’s a great opportunity, I think it helps me a lot … playing with better players,” Baker said. “They just set kind of a path and guidelines for me. So it really helps a lot to go on the ice and practice with them.”

So, who’s the best of the Shore brothers?

“I think that Baker gets opportunity to skate with all of his older brothers, so we’re kind of banking on him being the best one, so I hope that turns out pretty good,” Quentin said.

Baker Shore (credit: CBS)

Baker Shore (credit: CBS)

As the youngest Shore, Baker benefits from having three successful older brothers, but he also catches most of the grief — like when Drew sent him a tweet from the NBA finals.

“So I guess there was a young National Anthem singer and he was just trying to see if I wanted her number,” Baker said.

Boys will be boys, but the Shore boys are something special. If Quentin gets drafted, that means possibly three Shore brothers could be in the NHL at the same time and with a fourth waiting in the wings. They just might give the Staal brothers — Eric, Mark, Jordan and Jared — a run for their money.


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