DENVER (CBS4) – Last year Denver Police Officer Celena Hollis was gunned down during a City Park Jazz concert trying to break up a gang fight. This Sunday’s concert was held in her memory.

Officers at City Park Jazz to remember Officer Celena Hollis (credit: CBS)

Officers at City Park Jazz to remember Officer Celena Hollis (credit: CBS)

Thousands of people packed City Park on Sunday for the concert. The concert series was started to claim the park back from its violent past.

A formation of approximately 100 Denver police officers gathered in the park to dedicate a memorial to Hollis.

“I’m glad I can contribute to it because I knew her, so I’m glad that I’m here giving my part and doing my share,” a concert patron said. “I’m glad that they keep doing it and they didn’t stop it because this is a nice atmosphere for us to do on Sundays.”
Hollis’ father unveiled a sign to commemorate his daughter. Her mother spoke of gratitude to the public that she loved serving.

Those in attendance heard about upcoming renovations and landscaping additions that will be made to the park. The hope is that City Park will become even more inviting to the citizens of Denver who Hollis worked so hard trying to protect.

Officers planned to hold a private gathering to remember Hollis on Monday afternoon.

On Friday, Rollin Oliver was sentenced to 26 years in prison, the maximum sentence, for the murder of Hollis.

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