CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (CBS4) – Many animals evacuated because of the Black Forest Fire don’t have many places to go.

Before Tuesday there were maybe 15 animals on the Twisted Trail Ranch in Castle Rock. Now there are well over 100, and they expect more. Many of the animals are being transferred there from the Black Forest Animal Sanctuary.

Horses, goats, a pig and ducks are among the animals at the ranch.

“And sheep and alpacas and lamas and turkeys,” Randy Devaney with the Twisted Trail Ranch said.

Devaney has to laugh because his once quiet ranch now houses a whole bunch of animals.

“I think there’s a 130, counting cats and dogs, and 27 horses … six more came last night,” he said.

“This is just a God send,” Melissa Cox with the Black Forest Animal Sanctuary said.

Cox is a board member with the Black Forest Animal Sanctuary. She said their farm is now fully evacuated and remains in the mandatory evacuation zone, but remains standing.

What helps tremendously is that all of the animals from the sanctuary are in one place.

“Just seeing the turn out up here to care for everybody is just phenomenal,” Cox said.

Hundreds of volunteers have come to help.

“Have you seen all these people running around here? Somehow or another someone built us a Facebook page and a website,” Devaney said.

The generosity is overwhelming. The donated feed keeps coming, and it needs to because the animals will be there for a while.

“You’re seeing the true human nature,” Devaney said. “When push comes to shove people dig in and become human.”

Additional Resources

Twisted Trail Ranch
2096 E Frontage Road in Castle Rock.


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