WESTMINSTER, Colo. (CBS4)– Investigators have determined that a natural gas leak caused a home to explode in Westminster on Thursday. Now they’re looking for the source of that leak.

Investigators aren’t sure where the leak is located and believe it could be a hot water heater or the hook up for the clothes dryer. Finding that source in the destruction could be difficult.

“It’s hard to identify exactly where it came from, the pattern of the explosion, that kind of thing,” said Westminster Fire Department spokeswoman Diana Wilson.

People could feel and hear the explosion from miles away.

“I was working in my office just east of here and all of a sudden there is this big ‘BOOM!’ and it felt like something pushed against the foundation,” said Charlene Bensen who was working more than a mile away.

The explosion interrupted the action movie Jeff Schultz was watching in another neighborhood.

“It’s so weird looking. It’s like a pile of rubble, like the tornado damage we’ve seen on TV lately,” said Schultz.

Building inspectors checked the stability of the two homes next to the explosion. One has a roof lodged into the front door. The other could have sustained structural damage that may not be repairable.

Boarded up windows can be seen in homes across from the explosion and even the next block over.

“It makes you wonder about an older house whether you ought to be a little more alert and inspect things more often,” said Schultz.

The blast left one person injured and killed a family dog. A police officer struck by flying debris was also injured.

Utilities haven’t been restored to the area. There is no estimate on when that will happen.


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