DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver Center for the Performing Arts box office started Monday with 56,000 “The Book of Mormon” tickets to sell. By the close of business on Monday, after the biggest sales day in Denver Center history, they only had 18,000 tickets left — and they keep going down,

The hottest ticket in Denver last year remains the hottest ticket in Denver this year. While there was a hiccup or two along the way — a system slowdown – and a mistaken sold-out notice that no other news station in town, besides CBS4, bothered to check, it is going very well.

Monday morning in the lobby of the theater, it was full, all in hopes of staying cool and getting tickets for the biggest show on Broadway.

“The Book of Mormon” has set sales records wherever and whenever it has played, and Denver is no different. It’s the biggest show to come out of New York in years.

On the biggest sales day in Denver Center history some 38,000 tickets were sold — online, on the phone, and in person. The online system slowed down once again — but that was for a reason. One of the systems set up to block scalpers actually slowed the system down for a bit.

“It’s just slowed down a lot for the overwhelming demand like it did last year. Last year we sold out in 4 1/2 hours and it just; there’s an overwhelming response, which is a good thing and it just slows down our system, but we are selling tickets,” Jeff Hovarka with Denver Center Attractions said.

As of Tuesday morning there were still some 20,000 tickets left. But after another full day of being on sale, you never know what you will find at the box office, or online.

Tickets are still available because it’s in the Buell Theatre and there are additional weeks. That means there are still tickets to go for Broadway’s funniest, if rudely obnoxious, show in years. To check out what they have got, call (303) 893-4100 or go online at


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