MEAD, Colo. (CBS4) – The search is on for men targeting children in Northern Colorado.

In the small town of Mead there have been two incidents that have scared parents and young children. The last one involved two boys.

Tuesday afternoon two little boys were playing in Town Hall Park when a car drove up and two men tried to lure them inside. The sheriff’s office says they are very worried the next time a predator strikes it could be a much different story.

Steve Reams with the Weld County Sheriff’s Office says two Hispanic men drove a black Trans-Am to the popular park and tried to lure the two boys into the car.

“The guys had asked the two kids if they wanted a ride, and then asked them if they wanted some candy,” Reams said.

The children immediately went home and told their parents. Reams said two weeks ago a similar car and similar suspects followed several children home near the park. They drove off when one of the children pulled out a cellphone.

“We’re very confident these are connected,” Reams said.

So far police have no leads in the case.

Jay Staver lives near the park and often plays catch with his son and daughter.

“Usually in the evenings about this time there are 10 to 12 kids that come out playing soccer, we’re all playing catch,” Staver said.

Staver said he and his family have always felt safe in Mead.

“It’s strange to hear that that’s going on, and this close to home,” Staver said.

Investigators are worried that the suspects are getting more brazen and that the next episode could have a tragic ending.

The suspects are described as two Hispanic males in their 30s. One has a mustache and the other has a Mohawk. Anyone with information is asked to call police.


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