BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – Many of the runners at the Bolder Boulder on Monday said they didn’t even notice the increased security and that they were there for one purpose — to have fun and to finish the race. But many others also said that they appreciated the strong police presence.

As more than 52,000 runners laced up their sneakers for the annual Bolder Boulder, authorities amped up their security plan.

“This year, because of the events in Boston, there is extra concern, and I think some extra public perception about possible issues,” Boulder police spokesperson Kim Kobel said.

Boulder police and sheriff’s deputies patrolled all along the 10K course. Runners and spectators were asked to keep backpacks and large bags at home.

“Airport policies” were also used, meaning no open water bottles or other liquids inside the finish at Folsom Field.

“It’s kind of frustrating to have to pull everything out; it’s for them, but it’s safe I think. It’s good,” a spectator said.

People were also asked to keep an eye out for anything suspicious, such as unattended bags.

PHOTO GALLERY: Bolder Boulder

“That’s so we can get our officers out there to get eyes on a package, on whatever it was, to make sure everything was okay,” Kobel said. “We probably had three or four things that turned out to be clothing. Like I said, racers leave clothes every year by accident at the Bolder Boulder, so that was nothing.”

For runners like Miguel Perez-Luna, there was no reason to fear.

“Being scared is the wrong thing to do, and I think that they are doing the best they can to just keep an eye out,” he said.

His friends ran in the Boston Marathon, giving him and others motivation to finish the race.

“I realized that this would be a really cool opportunity to run for those because thousands of people didn’t finish,” Perez-Luna said. “I thought it would be cool to support them by doing this and running here. And what better race to run in?”

Boulder police said they had a great day, if not a perfect day, for the Bolder Boulder. They also said they used a comprehensive security plan for the race. It involved strategies they’ll use in the Bolder Boulder next year.


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