DENVER (CBS4) – Denver Public Schools has unveiled a new way to keep track of students riding buses. It’s the +Pass system.

The student rider takes their +Pass, and as they board the bus they scan it when they get on the bus and when they get off the bus.

“The +Pass really is there to provide peace of mind for our parents, teachers and schools to let us know which students are riding our bus, when and to where,” explained Brandon Edelman, a spokesman for the DPS Transportation Department. “Our buses are already safe. This is really just an additional measures to provide peace of mind to our parents and our families.”

Edelman calls it just an additional piece to the transportation system.

“It really lets us know who is riding our bus, where they’re going and to really help us build more efficient and effective routes to better serve our student riders,” Edelman said.

The +Pass scanner (credit: CBS)

The +Pass scanner (credit: CBS)

Parents can access the information on when their children are on the bus, and if they’ve been taking them, through their parent portal at the DPS website.

All of the 26,000 students who ride the district’s buses will have the +Passes beginning in October.


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