DENVER (CBS4) – Former Broncos defensive lineman Trevor Pryce has written a book aimed at young readers that’s about frogs and scorpions.

“An Army of Frogs: A Kulipari Novel” is hot off the presses, and Pryce, who is now retired from the NFL, hinted during an interview with CBS4’s Vic Lombardi that it might be on its way to being a TV show of some sort.

“Cartoon Network has it in development now as a cartoon. That is all I can say. Or all I’m allowed to say right now,” said Pryce.

The book pits poisonous frogs against poisonous scorpions, and the lead character is a frog named Darel. Lombardi had a little fun with Pryce during the interview, asking questions like:

“Would you consider this an allegory for your relationship with Mike Shanahan?”


“The main character in the book is named Darel. Could you have thought of a better name than Darrel?”


“Are you worried that NFL players may not be able to finish it?”

Pryce said the target audience for the book is ages 7 to 14. It contains illustrations by Sanford Greene.

Watch the complete interview below:


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