DENVER (CBS4) – A toddler was injured after reports the boy fell from a window in Green Valley Ranch on Saturday.

The child’s scream described as “spine chilling” by a next door neighbor.

“I kept hearing screams, like a cry for help. People were arguing, kids were screaming,” Regina Grindle said.

Grindle was visiting a friend and sitting outside in a house next to the backyard of the home where the incident occurred.

“I just (saw) a guy come and slide the patio door shut and I heard no more screaming,” Grindle said.

A short time later Denver police received a 911 call claiming a 2-year-old boy had fallen from a window, but nothing appeared out of place.

“i don’t know which window, I don’t know the circumstances, but those are clearly two questions the investigators will be looking for answers for,” Detective John White said.

“I saw a firewoman and she asked, ‘Was the child on the cement?’ And I thought they said ‘yes,’ “a neighbor said.



(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

neighbor saw the little boy carried into an ambulance.

“All I heard was crying. I couldn’t see the child at all, but I did hear him crying,” she said.

The neighbor said the boy’s father rode with him in the ambulance, but roughly three hours later police say they removed two adults separately by backing into the garage, dropping the door and then speeding away for questioning downtown.

“We’ve got a situation where a small child has been injured, we’ve got an ongoing investigation, and for privacy reasons, we want to be respectful to those individuals that were inside,” White said.

Police said the child suffered non-life-threatening injuries.


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